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Welcome to the Colmore Gate project website, which presents the proposals to deliver an exemplar office building in a landmark location at the heart of Birmingham’s central business district.


The proposals seek to recycle and extend the existing building, which enables the construction of a truly sustainable low/zero carbon structure that will maximise the use of embodied carbon, alongside the introduction of highly efficient materials and building services. 


These sustainability measures will be complemented by the introduction of landscape and biodiversity features as integral elements of the building design as well as significant upgrades to the appearance, façade and functionality of the existing office building, and upgraded employee and visitor facilities enhancing their health and wellbeing.


Who We Are

Ashtrom Properties UK is an established commercial real estate investor based in London, and forms part of the Ashtrom Group, which has been engaged in all aspects of construction and real estate for more than 50 years worldwide.


Ashtrom Properties UK is a long term investor and has ambitious growth plans. Its asset management strategy is to acquire, build, manage and reposition commercial assets that will stay within its portfolio for the long term. The company seeks to continue to grow its portfolio significantly in the commercial real estate sector with a focus on identifying further investment assets, as well as more opportunities for regeneration and development.


Our Vision

Upgrade the appearance and functionality of the existing office building to create an exemplary building at a landmark location within Birmingham City Centre.

Improve ground level accessibility and activity with enhancements to the public realm.

Help meet future commercial property market requirements in the city in a sustainable manner.

Maximise economic benefits, with potential to attract high-end occupiers and the creation of direct and indirect jobs.

Retain the existing building structure, reduce the use of high embodied carbon materials and use natural, recycled and renewable materials instead. 

Maximise biodiversity and reconnect with nature through the creation of external terrace spaces for tenants. This follows increases in demand for both private and communal external spaces post Covid.

Build in long term adaptable design. The scheme will be resilient and fit for the future, considering the long-term impacts of climate change, and the changing needs of building users and future occupants.


The Team

Ashtrom Properties have assembled a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals and technical experts who have been working together over the last few months to deliver this exciting proposal. 

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